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Hestia Hellas is a community-based psychosocial wellbeing center. We provide integrative mind and body care to families in need based in Athens, Greece. 


We are guided by an ethos of care, respect and safety. Our core values are:



 Connecting people through experiences 

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Why We Exist


Our organisation was born out of an analysis of what is missing within front-line services for vulnerable communities. We realised there was a significant amount of provision for immediate physical needs, but a lack of longer-term provision to help people to understand and manage their emotions, make sense of their experiences, feel confident to take action and to create opportunities for themselves and their families. Today, we work alongside partners [link] to ensure there is a range of support available to those who need it here in Athens. 

Our Theory of Change


After two years of operation, we have developed an overarching Theory of Change. This based on a process of continuous learning and reflection by our team. We have evaluated the success of different activities and used our professional knowledge (both theoretical and praxis) to illustrate what we hope to achieve, and how we will do this. We also acknowledge the external context in which we operate, which can enhance or limit the impact that we can have.


Who We Support


Over 60% of families we serve are led by mothers who serve as the primary breadwinners, sole providers and emotional support of their families.  


What We've Achieved


Many community members become community leaders, providing various classes at Hestia to their peers such as sewing, organizing bazaars, arts classes and other events and taking an active role in our child space. Through our work, we can see the difference when members of the community are actively engaged and empowered and how that impacts on their children and overall families.


Learn more about our impact in 2018 here


Physical Therapists Needed: The Refugee Crisis in Greece and Our Ethical Responsibility to Respond  

Julie Silcox started our physical therapy services at Hestia.  We are the only organisation that provides physical therapy in Athens.…/a…/doi/10.1093/ptj/pzz128/5558218