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Meet our beneficiaries: Hestia Hellas - a shared space for children and adults alike

Here at Hestia Hellas, we provide a safe space for children and adults alike. Above and beyond that, we aim to provide an educational space for all, as well.

Computer literacy classes at Hestia Hellas

Meet Mr. Mahmoud*, who is living in Athens with 3 of his children. His wife and other children have moved from Greece to another European country.

Mr. Mahmoud brings his 3 children to Hestia Hellas daily, he comes to give them an opportunity for education and support in our Child Friendly Space (CFS).

He has the heart and strength that anyone would want in a father - he continues to find out how to support his children the best, despite this being a new situation for him, and despite his own difficulties.

For a long time, Mr Mahmoud would sit in our lobby waiting for his children to finish the day's activities. Every now and then we tried encouraging him to join the Livelihoods program, to also further his own education. He always replied with a kind smile and 'no thank you'.

We were happy when, after we'd asked a few times, Mr Mahmoud agreed to start computer lessons.

Hestia Hellas is a space where families can come together to learn. Our ability to offer educational support for children and professional development for adults, allows single parents like Mr.Mahmoud to have opportunities he might not have had otherwise.

*Names and images have been altered for confidentiality

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