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Meet our volunteers: Jarno from Belgium

Hi! I am Jarno, an Erasmus student from Ghent, Belgium. I was a volunteer in the Child Friendly Space (CFS) at Hestia Hellas.

Jarno (right hand side) explores Athens with a friend during his time at Hestia Hellas

I’ve always liked working with children. I started with my local boy scouts back in my hometown in 2014 where I become a youth leader and organised lots of events, including their summer camping trip (which I had also taken part in as a member of the boy scouts years before!).

The four years I did this for turned out to be the most inspiring, interesting and mind-opening years in my life. I learned a lot, from inventing games to building a campfire, but the most important thing I learnt is how to working with children and how much I love doing it.

I worked with all different age groups, all of them were so different. It was not fun all the time, but children can melt your heart. If you give them love and dedication, they will give tons of love back to you.

At Hestia Hellas, every two weeks, my team worked hard to prepare three hours of fun for our kids and you could see they appreciated it. Maybe they wouldn’t say it, but you could see it in the way they smiled and respected you.

Another reason why working with children is so unique and satisfying, is that you have the chance to raise and educate them. When you are with them for a longer period and when you’re willing to invest time in it, you can teach him or her things; some good manners, knowledge about the world, letting them find their own talents, what they like, who they are, what they want or want to be.

Seeing a child grow up and being a part of that, is for me the biggest reason why I like working with children so much.

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