Offered in partnership with local professionals.

Providing practical support, job and life skills in order to support the social and economic integration of vulnerable communities.

We provide vulnerable communities with sustainable tools and a skill set necessary to participate in daily life and thrive in times of financial difficulty. 

This includes language classes, women's empowerment training and sewing classes.

Integrative Therapies
Offered in partnership with local professionals.

A holistic approach to mental health in order to help vulnerable populations cope with their current situation. Strong mental health is the first step to helping them strengthen their position in society.

Many beneficiaries have experienced traumatic events including sexual abuse, violence and natural disasters. These therapies focus on having a long term effects on mental health and position in society.

This includes martial arts, reflexology, music therapy, dance therapy and art therapy. 

Child-Friendly Space

Supporting community members through our child space.  Our child space is open to those using other services at Hestia Hellas or to parents who remain on the premises while their child is in the CFS. 

To make referrals for any of the above programs, contact appointment@HestiaHellas.org, call 2130907859 or visit our center at Char. Trikoupi 5, Athina 106 78.

You can submit a new referral here


If you have an experience in any of these areas and would be interested in helping teach at Hestia Hellas please contact hr@hestiahellas.org


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