Due to a very long waiting list, Hestia is currently not accepting new referrals
Check back soon to see when we will start accepting referrals again.

Referral FAQs

Who can refer?

Anyone can refer to us. We receive referrals from other NGO's, legal representatives, public institutions, schools, word of mouth and other third parties. We also accept self-referrals.

Given the specialist and integrated nature of our services and the large amount of referrals received, we request detailed information about the individual’s needs before considering accepting the referral. Please include as much information and documentation with the referral to ensure it is processed as quickly as possible.

Who do we help?

We work with families.

What are the services offered?

We deliver a range of integrated services that address the complex needs and vulnerabilities of our community members.

We offer individually tailored services of psychological care using integrative approaches, namely:

  • Psychological counseling

  • Mind-Body therapies: physical therapy, reflexology, group sports, yoga, mindfulness

  • Creative art therapies: music, dance, art, drama

  • Family support groups and parenting workshops

  • Social services

  • Community Outreach

Our Psychosocial Support Team includes psychotherapists, psychologists, Social worker and a wide range of other clinicians and experts.


What to include in the referral?

To make a decision on a referral please include, the individual’s emotional state, difficulties they are facing, why they are seeking psychological help, any legal protection issues, housing, safeguarding and medical needs. Please also be clear why you feel that Hestia Hellas, in particular is best placed to meet the individual’s needs.

Please included as much detail as possible in your referral to avoid delays in processing.

How are referrals determined?

We are a small organization and receive a high volume of referrals – far higher than we are able to accommodate. We aim to help as many people as possible, while ensuring expert, quality care and support. We take into account the complex needs of our members and constraints on our capacity.

Our psychosocial support team assesses how the individual will benefit from our full range of services. Given our limited capacity, we have to consider who is going to benefit most from access to all of the services within our model of holistic-integrated care, and ultimately for whom we feel our organization is going to make the most difference. We focus particularly on families with the need for – and willingness to engage in individual or group psychotherapy.

How soon will I receive a response?

Within 1 week of the date submitted: acknowledge receipt and request any further information, if needed.

Within 2 weeks of receipt of all required information: determine whether we are the best placed organization to meet the individual’s needs.

Decision are usually made, for most cases, within 2 weeks of the receipt date. However, the time taken to make a decision on a referral varies depending on the availability of information in the referral form and our team's schedule combined with the interpreter’s availability (if necessary).

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