We work with families to build resiliency, strengthen healthy coping mechanisms, and support school readiness through the following: 

Child friendly spaces: social and emotional skill development, self-regulation techniques, safe learning environments.

Family support groups and parenting workshops: positive parenting, nutrition, stress relief, early childhood development, and skill building. 

Creative group therapies include, art, music, drama and dance therapies


Mind-body therapies including yoga, martial arts, mindfulness, sports, physiotherapy and reflexology

Our work in action!

Jumana*, a single mother from Syria came to Hestia Hellas seeking psychological support. She and her 4-yr old daughter, Layla are survivors of torture. 


She shared that her and her daughter were imprisoned and tortured for two years before they were able to escape. Our child space was the first safe place that Layla had ever interacted with other children.  At first, she would sit in a corner playing by herself, but after 3 months of seeing our child psychologist she now actively participates in daily activities.  She also no longer wets the bed or suffers from insomnia. 


Jumana, who experienced chronic panic attacks, insomnia, depression and anxiety as a result of her torture, has now created a community with other mothers at Hestia who also participate in our group therapy sessions.  The most marked difference is in the smile in Jumana’s eyes and joy in her voice as she builds trust in her newfound community.

*Name has been altered for confidentiality

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